What is the purpose in your life? Why do you do the things you do? Are you alive for some higher good? Or are you created to live, procreate, make a living and then cease to exist?

Purpose is about reason, a goal if you may.  Most actions are usually backed up with reason. The purpose of this website is to help you become a better version of yourself.  The purpose of ingesting food is to calm the pangs of hunger but to a deeper level, provide nutrition to your body.

Why do you wake up each day? You have activities you cater to each day but are those the reason for the day? Now my function is to help you decide what your purpose for living is, I won’t be able to tell you your purpose, only you can do this.

I can however share with you what my purpose is; my purpose is what my website sets out to do i.e. help you grow in capacity through my work, because I believe you are able to grow and get better in your native talent. So I would make sure I write regularly from my experience to help someone out there in this life journey. I would also be available to physically train people in areas of personal development.


So what are your talents or gifts?  Your talent is that attribute in you that you have shown right form when you were a child! Does this sound strange? It shouldn’t be. Haven’t you heard of that award winning music artiste who when interviewed says she started singing when she was nine? Or the tennis player who joined the sports academy at age six?

I remember that I have always loved writing since I was 10. I have kept a journal hat has a collection of all poems I have written.

The fact that you possess a talent means you have a unique style of expression. Many people may sing but your style is unique to you and no one can sing the same way you do. This shows clearly the futility of envy. It is futile because your style could only be at best copied.


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Many people can write, but your style is wired into you to be different; so embrace it. So you can cook? I might not understand half of what you do, while you can spend hours on end working on your recipe, I have to endure my stay in the kitchen!

The thing about talents and discovering purpose is that at the beginning your gift may seem common place to you. Sometimes it takes someone else to point out our gifts in a way that it is quite clear that doing any other thing aside from this means missing out on the best of us.

Every inventor, creator or manufacturer creates a product with an end in mind, and this end or purpose is clearly defined and communicated. This communication is important for the benefit of everyone who comes in contact with this item. It cannot be taken for granted that the use of a product would be known simply by seeing a product.

This is why most items come with a user manual. This manual tells you how to use this product, but it also tells you sometimes how not to use this product. The manual is a blueprint that outlines how to make the best use of the product for the shelf life duration.

There are times someone comes along who disregards the manual and well at times misuses the product to detriment of the product life span and in extreme cases to the user. In such a situation the maker is not responsible for such misuse as the manual was disregarded.


It follows to reason that you were created, most of us agree that we didn’t just “become”. This means you were created, yes you have grown up since then; but there was a creation that brought you to existence. We were all created and must have come for some purpose. Our task is to discover what this purpose is.

You probably have come across someone who appears to lack this direction in life, and this is more apparent in some than others. Such people are still in the process of discovery and require our understanding.


How do you discover your purpose? I have outlined 5 tips on this:

  • What is it you tended towards doing while you were a child?

Something that was instinctive and not influenced or forced by your parents. Some children naturally love music and have a natural flair with musical instruments, some dance, some love kicking things! Like my son; perhaps he has a carrier in soccer? I loved to write and draw while I was a child. Most children love to take things apart! But there are some who love to try to put them back together again. Engineers have been discovered this way.

  • What do people compliment you about the most?

Many times they are things you do effortlessly. And you always did without any thought of profiting from it. It’s time to pay attention to this. It’s an irony that for so many people their talents differ from what they actually do at work.

  • What are your hobbies?

Things you do when you are not working. The correct order of things should be working at what we love to do i.e. our talents, our hobbies. That way I believe we will live more fruitful lives.

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  • What activity gives you the most satisfaction?

What do you really enjoy doing? Can this activity add value to others’ lives? The way it is society gets along because I have what you don’t have and you have what I need; so we then benefit from each other and live an interdependent life with others.

  • What is it that you could do all day even if you didn’t have to get paid for it?

Just imagine if your day job had to be doing what you could do without being paid? We would have better organizations and less staff turnover.


Now that you know that which constitutes your purpose, it doesn’t stop here; you have to add value to your gift, that’s where training comes in. Your gift or talent in its original form is simply material to build on. In many instances until there is training or building on your capacity, it limits what you are able to achieve. This is if you are interested in making a living doing what you love to do.



  1. Henderson Reply

    Wow, I have not seen a better thought provoking and soul uplifting post like this one. We all really need to know what our purpose is or else, that talent and that gift we have will all die with us. This are really good steps to self realisation. I call it self realisation because just as you have mentioned, only a person can find his or her purpose. For me, I have always loved counselling. It’s something I started doing since I was a teen. This is a good post. Nicely written.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Henderson for your compliment. I am glad that you have discovered your purpose. Yes you are quite right, it is self realisation and it is important to know our talent and our gift.

  2. RoDarrick Reply

    There is always the saying that we must identify our gifts and maximize it to fulfil our potentials. That is exactly the things you have identified up here and I am delighted to read your article. You did unveil some tips here concerning the fact that we need to work on our gifts and talents, things we fi d joy in doing, then keep doing it because that is simply what matters in life. We must live life on our terms while doing things that we are good and passionate at rather than chasing only earnings.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you RoDarrick for your comment. You are quite right, we should live life on our own terms doing what we are passionate about. I like what you wrote, that it’s not about chasing only earnings.

  3. Jim Reply

    Hi Aboyomi. Thank you for your very interesting article. The question you ask is one that most of us have had to deal with sometime in our lives. I often ask myself what my purpose is and why I’m even here. It’s not an easy question to answer, not for me anyway. My life has been a mixture of so many things. Every time I think I understand my purpose and try to follow the path that I think is the correct one I shoot myself in the foot somehow. But your pointers on how to find your purpose are very helpful and I’ve decided to create a list and write down some ideas so that I can isolate just what I should do. I know I’m good at writing and maths for example. I love helping others and I’m happiest when I’m in the garden. I think I’ll be able to come up with something now. Jim

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Jim, your experience is definitely not peculiar; making mistakes are definitely part of the process. My opinion is that where your gifts and their ability to solve people’s problems meet is where to look into. I would love to hear what you discover.

  4. Christine Reply

    I started writing stories when I was six years old. The first things that came to me naturally as a child were writing and my connection with animals (any animals). As an adult I am still writing books (I have published 7) but I am not living of it yet, and for 20 years I volunteered in animal rescue, but I had to give that up because of a lack of donations. I haven’t written a story in a long time, but I write a lot of content on my blogs, something I really enjoy and what makes up for it in a way 🙂

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Christine for your comment. One of the signs that you are doing what you ought to be doing is the satisfaction you get from doing it. You have published 7 books! This shows you have it in you. And your love for animals can be expressed in additional ways as well. Keep doing what you are doing and as you go along identify the needs your gifts can solve.

  5. Charles Reply

    Thank you very much for this wonderful piece of motivational and eye opening content, everyone is got a purpose here on earth and I’d our responsibility to live up to it but the hardest aspect of it all is knowing who you really are and finding your purpose, I have been able to gain some few points from what you just wrote and that will surely help me find my hidden talent. 

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Charles for your comment, Yes, we all have a purpose to achieve in life. Feel free to share your experiences as you proceed. You are well on your way already.

  6. SeunJeremiah Reply

    Indeed life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life the reasons you get up in the morning.Purpose can guide life decisions, influence behavior, offer a sense of direction, and create meaning but one thing i didn’t realize until now is that purpose can actually shift and change throughout life in response to the evolving priorities and fluctuations of your own experiences.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      You are correct Seun, purpose can indeed change in the sense that it actually gets clearer as we go along and get feedback from our mistakes. But once you get that “Aha!” moment of your purpose in life, it usually sticks. 

  7. Daniel Reply

    Hello Yomi, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Each one of us has its purpose in life but it depends on who truly discover it as many people actually don’t do what they know the best. My mission and talent are to help other folks to learn how to make a living from the Internet and I am oing great so far. Your article is so inspirational and motivational and I hope it will help people to find themselves.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment Daniel, I am glad you have discovered your mission; it’s one the very important things to get right in life. Feel free to share your successes as you forge ahead.

  8. Dane Reply

    Talent in some people have been laid down and they go for something in which they will have to spend so much time, money and energy learning and to attain perfection in such new skill acquired is very difficult, although not impossible but difficult because you’ll need to do some extra homework. However talent on the other hand needs just a little push and smoothly, you’re there doing your thing.
    Now getting to know ones talent for some people is quite a task but then it just needs some proper guidance and you’ll know what your talent is. So for me, getting to know your talent and walking in the aspect of ones talent would help you know your purpose in life. My opinion, thanks for sharing.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Dane.This is true, when we focus resources to improve on what comes to us naturally we then do our own thing with ease. Like you said when we discover talent it helps us know our purpose.

  9. Rina Reply

    Thank you for sharing your post, I found it interesting to the point where I think about my purpose. I beleive I know what it is but it does not stop me asking myself why I would venture down a particular pathway. Much later in my life I realised though that I should always choose a path that makes me blissful, happy and excited about what I am doing. So thank you for prompting me to think about my purpose as it just reinforces the reason why I do the things I do.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Rina for your response, I find what you wrote very true, it’s only when we periodically ask ourselves such questions of personal discovery do we live meaningful lives.

  10. Willy Reply

    This is a really motivating and interesting post. finding our strength and infusing it into our daily activities and job is a really important thing we should note of. our purpose in life is archieved when we focus on our aim and utilize our talent for a better result. i am really motivated by this review and i hooe to see more interesting and insightful reviews that would boost personal confidence and focus. thanks.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Willy for your comment. I am glad this has been of benefit to you. You are right to say that we achieve purpose by being focused and utilizing our talent; like you have said we need to find our strengths.

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