I came across this bright looking site the other day​ and I felt I just had to share it with you. You know the focus of any serious employee is continuous development, that is development that adds value both to the employee and the company as well.

Companies should invest in their staff in the form of quality training. This training contributes to minimizing turnover, as members of staff have a reason to stay on the job; they get to have personal development and a future.

I believe that everyone should make an effort at personal development and training; if your company does not make an investment, why not make that investment in yourself?


If you work full time then chances are that you are already pressed for time as to enroll for a course at a physical location.

I have outlined some things to look out for while choosing a course of study while still working

  1. Decide on what knowledge or skill gaps you need to fill?
  2. Does your company have any plan to fill this gap?
  3. How much time do you have for this course training?
  4. Related to above is how much time is required to cover the course content;
  5. Do you have to attend classes physically or online:
  6. What is your budget?

If you go through the above checklist and you decide to take the course; then you need to consider the following

  1. How many hours daily or weekly do you need to take this course?
  2. Are you willing to commit till the end
  3.  Do you have to physically attend courses or do you take it online
  4.  Would this course add value to you and the company yoi work with
  5.  How much do you have to invest in yourself

There are so many institutions and courses globally that you can enroll in and usually I would go through the reviews just to see what others are saying.

I went through the courses available on their website and I must say they have a very eye catching web site​.

They have courses that range from Screen and playwriting to Diet and Nurition Management. Almost every sphere of life has a course you can enroll in. There even is a course on: wait for it:  Animal Training and Pet sitting.

There are certain things I personally love about the courses here:


  1. Affordable fees with nice price discounts: The average course goes for about €19
  2. You get awarded your certification immediately after your course.
  3. The profiles of the instructors can be seen.
  4. There is a course outline prominently displayed
  5. Vast arrays of courses are available.
  6. You always have access to the courses.
  7. No formal qualification is needed to enroll
  8. And Yes! There is a money back guarantee, 14 days to be exact.

And what is wrong with the courses?


  1. 1.They are not free! Well that’s what I would come up with as a downside, but then if it were free you probably wouldn’t complete the course.

So that’s about it, I encourage everyone seeking personal development to enroll for a course at

I must tell you that I do get a commission when you do enroll for a course at The International Open Academy, but then it is good value for money.



  1. Russ Green Reply

    I have to say these courses really do look good, before i stumbled across your post here, I hadn’t really thought about doing an online course, but now having seen some of the causes on offer and how very affordable they are it has really got me thinking about how I could obtain a new way of earning an income, I do have some friends who would also be interested in this mainly because of how affordable these causes are, I have bookmarked your website and I will certainly be looking further into these causes, I like the accounting and bookkeeping one, but I really would find the criminology and profiling one absolutely fascinating, thank you so much for sharing this post. 

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Russ Green for your comment, I am glad that I have added some value. You have made the right decision to take an online course and earn more income. It’s the right step. It’s all about new experiences and opportunities out there. 

  2. RoDarrick Reply

    Wow! This is simply awesome for everyone. Personal development is integral to our growth and learning more and more everyday would improve us beyond what we could veer think of. This international open academy seems like a very legit platform that can help me to grow in my daily activities. I would love to take couraes on maketing. The price is very considerable unlike all this big name companies offering these kind of services. Thanks so much for suggesting this

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you RoDarrick. I agree with you, personal development is quite key and it all adds up to make you a better version of yourself. Feel free to take any course of your choice and Yes Marketing courses are good; as a business person and even other field of endeavors, marketing is important.

  3. Kevin Reply

    Cool review. I’ve never actually heard of the International Open Academy. Whenever I think of online learning, I look towards Coursera, edX, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and the occasional MasterClass as great course platforms. I skimmed through the Internation Open Academy website and it looks like the courses are pretty cheap which is a great plus. But I’m wondering, what kinds of people teach these courses and how does it compare to something like Coursera and edX? 

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thanks Kelvin, Yes the courses are affordable  without any compromise as to quality of content. The facilitators are international educators with practical experience.The academy is on a class of its own. I encourage you to try the 10 day free trial. And if you are not ready to pay just yet just cancel on the 10th day as a monthly subscription would apply after the trial.

  4. Stella Reply

    Thanks for bringing this kind of platform into our notice. What time of certificate do they offer? Do you mean they can offer different training be it science, financial and medical training? I want to apply for both human resources training, I will proceed and check their website to see what they can offer. Is there no free trial for a specific days?

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Stella, you have two options to the certificate, either a downloadable PDF certificate from the Academy or request for a printed certificate from am independent external accreditation body the: International Council for Online Educational Standards ( This certificate would be shipped  to your address for a fee.

      Yes they offer different training in over 100 courses, there are courses on science and finance though not medical courses. No human resource training yet (though that would have been great!).

      There is a 10 day free trial after which there is a monthly paid subscription.

  5. grea8J Reply

    Thanks Abayomi, I’ll look that up but as they are not free. Are there courses which you can start for free and pay as you progress, maybe 7 days trial or something? Or do some courses include free version and paid version?. And one more question, my interest is in artificial intelligence, can I find that one there as well. 

    Thanks for the information, brother.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you grea8j, as a matter of fact Yes! You can actually start any course for a free 10 day period, after which if you are not set to pay you will need to cancel, as on the 11th day a charge of $14.99 commences for a monthly subscription. Artificial Intelligence is not yet being offered. 

  6. Joshua Reply

    I think that online training courses are way more efficient than regular classes. It’s way better financially, and you get to gain exceptional knowledge in the comfort of your home. It also helps when you’re on a tight schedule and need flexibility, I think it’s a great way to start if you’re considering learning a skill. Good content.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Joshua for your comment. I agree with you completely. The comfort online courses provide is quite good. It gives an opportunity to those who otherwise may never further an education.

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