We all or at least many of us work at jobs to make a living, and it is the most logical thing to do (or so we think), after all we all must achieve economic significance if not for just basic survival: food, clothing, shelter. We all need money to survive and we get paid for the hours we put in at a job.

So the basic need for a job is survival, we need money to exchange for the necessities of life in the world we live in. And by the way internet data is beginning to seem like a necessity these days, but that is a topic for some other time. We need money to live in our global society of about 7 billion people.

In many instances the motivation for a job is money; well Yes we want a sense of purpose, personal expression and all that, but we need the money as well. So the fact is ….well we don’t r-e-a-l-l-y need that job except that it pays the bills.

That means if we could get a legitimate guaranteed source of income without having to work at a job, many of us would grab at such an opportunity.

In the absence of that opportunity however, we must commute to work every morning to make the proverbial daily bread.  Sometimes we hate the job, the people at the job and just about everything else, but we have no choice. In many instances we even have families who rely on those wages the job is bringing in. But is that really true?



Must we remain at a job that stifles us, makes us feel less confident, because of our responsibilities? The answer to this question is dependent on the individual person, so I am simply going to state my opinion while I leave you to form yours.

I believe that your job is your boss’s own dream (if she is the owner); it’s the owner’s dream nonetheless, and you are a helper to achieve this dream; and you help out in exchange for dollars. Each day you get to work and do your best to make sure the owner(s) are happy with you and give you a raise from time to time.

Do you have a dream? That’s a great question , because most of us have dreams, some are  realized others never come to light. The business you work for was born of a dream and the best the owner can do is to tell you this dream to you so you can see the mission, vision,  the big picture. The profits that make the difference come to him; your salary is a business cost for him; in clear terms.  a liability. It’s just the way  it is.

Your boss may like you and probably gives you that raise from time to time, and might just be a very nice person. But I believe I owe it to myself, my children, and the whole world to demonstrate that I can also be a source of a job to someone else.

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From my perspective leaving your job and that’s if you are up to it doesn’t always have to be to seek another job with better benefits, it might just be because of the need to answer to higher need, call it destiny, purpose, or any other name.

It’s about standing out from the crowd, being able to be truly free to do what you know you ought to do. Working at a job could have other benefits, training, experience, industry knowledge are also relevant advantages that would help you in life; especially if you have the dream of owning your own business.

I believe ultimately we should all own businesses because I believe we all have unique ideas that could be of commercial benefit and we would all be better for it. The only thing worse than not having a job when all your focus is getting one; is working at a job you feel tied to. You know when you dislike what you are doing not because you are doing anything illegitimate or anything like that but because you have become bored and unfulfilled.

Sometimes what you need is another job and you should know when it is another job that would help; or maybe you need to have a talk with your boss? Perhaps another role, some time off? You should know when this is what your need

But a time then comes when you just know that the solution is not another job, or another role or anything like that. A time comes when you get that entrepreneurial nudge.  And you know you have to just answer that call.




So when should you quit your job? And I am not talking of going for another job. I mean starting your own business

  1. You have worked for over  5 years in a particular industry or career. This means if you want to quit after just a month at work then there must be something really life threatening at the job to inform that decision to quit.
  2. You have been professional and not found wanting on the job
  3. You have attained some leadership position at work
  4. You have recently found yourself yearning for something bigger than any job could offer
  5. . You have commenced training on the relevant skills and the mindset for the entrepreneurial life. This is because the skills needed to live as an employee are much different  from what you require to be a business owner

For one thing an employee relies on his boss for his livelihood albeit in exchange for the employee’s time and expertise. The entrepreneur has no such luxury.

An employee has to exchange hours for money, an entrepreneur creates a system that makes money even when he is away and yes even when he is asleep.

6. You have already started work on that business you intend to grow on

7. You have some seed money to work with after you quit.

8. You have the agreement of your family or at least you have been able to persuade them on this; the reason is you need their support.

9. You have a mentor or someone you look up to who has achieved success in the business you are getting into.

10. When money isn’t your primary motivator for this move. If you are seeking more money, then get a raise or another job.

I wish you all the best.

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8 thoughts on “GET RID OF YOUR BOSS

  1. AJ Reply

    great article! Thank you for this! I love my job now actually, but I am starting my own online business which I can do on the side. My online business is related to my day job that’s why. I’m not sure if there will be conflicts but what are your tips? Do you think I go all in on my business or stick to what i’m doing now (sideline business)?

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you AJ, I like that you are starting your own online business and the fact that it’s related to your day job, means you are among the lucky few who are at jobs related to your dreams. I don’t see conflicts as long as you have a plan as to the hours in the day you devote to your online business. My advise; keep both your day job and the online business and keep growing in your capacity.

  2. John Reply

    You see, I love it when you say that one is only helping the boss attain their own dreams and visions. We all have our own Dres too that we want to fulfill. Weare not living a life for our bosses so yes many people quit for different reasons but the most important thing is not to quit a job to get another job. We need to tap into the many possibilities of the entrepreneural world, building on your own dream. Nicely written here Abayomi.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you John, it’s important to explore the possibilities as entrepreneurs like you said; and build our dreams as well.

  3. Chloe Reply

    I totally agree with the reasons you have stated here to quit ones job. For me I had two reasons which made me quit my job and settled for retirement from any job. I was too good at my job (which i have spent 7years there already)  and I don’t seem to be learning anything new again, that’s one

    Two I wasn’t getting anymore promotions just increment in salary, which made me feel like I wasn’t doing anything worth a credit. I love being awarded with promotion for a good job or professionalism attained 

    Most importantly giving a chance to a younger person who can’t beat me to get that position except u leave it. 

    These were the reason’s why I quit my old job. 

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      This is a valid comment Chloe and you just mirrored my experience really, so I understand what you are saying clearly. Life is about growth, satisfaction and contribution among other things. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Henderson Reply

    Some jobs are better than some. While some can create a very cordial relationship with their boss, many others don’t. Whatever reason anybody takes for quitting, it should be a good reason and the quitting should be done appropriately. I also had a boss too once and he was a thorn in my flesh. I started another part time job(online) and when I was sure I didn’t need the job anymore I quit. So the reason for quitting should be reasonable and  a better alternative should be readily available. Good post. Regards!

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      You are quite right Anderson, and Yes, quitting a job should be done with good reason because it’s the reason that determines the path one is taking after the job. The important thing is to do what you enjoy doing and get satisfaction from. 

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