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My father was a hardworking man. I grew up watching him come home late from work; at times he was not home probably when he was on transfer. I remember waking up one morning and see him come home by 1am I guess… well it was early morning.

I learnt hard work, loyalty and punctuality from my father. He was a strong principled leader. As an employee I once won an award as the most punctual staff; this I attribute to my father.

He worked in the civil service for 35 years before resigning in 1985. He tried his hand in a business in agriculture; which he later wrapped up.

He had enough foresight to invest in a house during his working years, so he had income from rent. Aside from that he got a pension which was irregular and at times delayed for months.

After another 33 years in 2018 it was time to collect his outstanding entitlement from the government which had been held for years.

He died during the verification exercise. He died without collecting his money. He died after giving decades of his productive life to an establishment that didn’t appreciate his sacfrifice.

The question now is : What it worth it?



We are a training and human capacity development company focused on developing the mind for distinct reasoning; a proponent of ditching the status quo.

We are staunch believers in the fact that “a business was only built to make one person rich; and that is the owner” we encourage people cut out for this, to work to gain an experience and then use their talents, experience and courage to strike out on their own.

In summary if you can, don’t spend your years as an employee; plan to take charge of your life.



Train, coach, Inform, educate by making resources available to let you know that you can be a better version of yourself!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Yomi Disu

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