So what is employee and training development?

For the most part employee development is intentional, and is taken to improve the productivity of someone working at a job!

Like I always tell people; “you are your greatest resource!” This means it doesn’t matter if your company trains you regularly or not! What self development programmes have you invested in?

And training development? I guess your HR department would bother more about this because here trainings have to be decided upon based on series of assessments of performance indicators. And the best training is developed.

I have outlined 5 tips about employee and training development

  1. Don’t ever stop your development: keep learning and it doesn’t have to be just the technical stuff, even simple things like expanding your vocabulary keep you mentally alert.


  1. Your development is not the HR’s sole responsibility: The human resource department have a responsibility to keep your skills relevant to the company, but it’s also your responsibility! By adding value to yourself, you show others you are worthy of added investment


  1. Self esteem and confidence of employees can be greatly enhanced by quality trainings, they perform better and this in turn leads to even more confidence!


  1. Better team performance: Can you imagine the synergy that can be achieved in a well trained team? Similar to a well trained military unit, so much can be achieved. One of the ways to get the most of your team is to have the members undergo relevant training, this way individual efforts get multiplied


  1. Take advantage of technology: Online courses, audio books, webinars, there are a host of tools available nowadays to keep you well informed and on top of your chosen career. There’s so much to learn and readily available too


Employee and training development is a joint venture between you and your employer, and the best part is what you learn can never be taken away from you.


  1. Sandy Reply

    Thank you for these great tips about employee and training development. In this uncertain times, when there are always chances we might lose the job, learning and training development have become the necessity almost in every age. Your 5 tips are very helpful. You’re right it’s our responsibility, not just HR’s. 

    Luckily with the internet and modern technology, learning and training development are easier nowadays. 

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Sandy, job security may not be that secure if personal training and development is not a top priority and like you have put across it’s primarily every individuals responsibility.

  2. Mark Reply

    Great read. The first two tips you mentioned hit it home, training development should be owned by you! I’ve learned the hard way that, while corporations are setup with organization to help an employee, at the end of the day, its your career, you should be in control. HR or any other training department is a supplement to give you the additional tools/training’s you need, but ultimately you should be in control and decide what type of training you need to succeed in your career.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Mark, this is on point, employees should take ownership of their own personal development; after all as you rightly pointed out it’s one’s career that would get the boost.

  3. Willy Reply

    As a young employee,I have always wanted to be better then I am now and I always try all my best to make sure that I learn more in my field and improve in my interpersonal skills as an employer so as to grow and adapt to more experience. This is more reason why I sought and apply for different development programs and this review is one of the simplest and detailed development training tips I have read and I commend such a great article.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Willy, I agree with you completely, being better at what one does, striving for personal development is what separates those who are prepared for opportunity and those who would rather wait but are still unprepared when it matters the most.

  4. Chloe Reply

    I must confess these are really vital tips when it has to do with training your employee and i have a first hand experience on that. Where I used to work, I was in charge of training newly employed staffs and from time to time, batch upon batch I realized that the best of these employees don’t end their training on what I have taught them alone. So I want to say that these tips you have given here are undoubtedly the best. Thanks for sharing

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Chloe, you are correct, employees who excel take their development seriously and would go the extra mile. In your experience did you notice these employees that went on to learn more than you taught them were better candidates for leadership and managerial roles?

  5. Mattias Reply

    Wow! I must agree with you on the tips you have shared up here, they are indeed spot in. I cannot agree less with you on the path of subjecting our brain to constant engagements and exercises as that would aid its performance. Keeping up with everything going on around one. From simple tasks of self development to just reading the dictionary to boost vocabularies and getting involved with others just to create a worthy team. Thumbs up on this
    great post

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      This is so true Mattias, when we exercise our brains we perform more and we actually are the better for it; we are able to have better relationships with the people around us and we get more aware of our environment. it’s about mental alertness and awareness which inevitably leads  to higher productivity’

  6. Henderson Reply

    Remember when I was  still working at a company and a training was laid out to many kd us for a new job at hand. Most people didn’t tale it seriously because they felt its ntit their sole responsibility to do develop themselves. I howber took the advantage and learnt many things that work for me today. I also made sure to bank on the computer too. I believe that getting better as an employee doesn’t go beyond tbis simple tips you have laid out. Good one!

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Henderson, you have confirmed what I believe, and that is what we learn as we go along day by day could just be assets to our productivity later on in life. The lesson from your comment is to make the most of every opportunity at capacity development,as one never knows when this would come in handy.

  7. Alexa7 Reply

    Hi, Abayomi Disu.

    Yes, you are so right with what you mentioned in your article: In our modern society, it should be easy to establish a great working environment where teamwork is the thriving force behind success. 

    After all, we have plenty of tools available that business owners didn’t have decades ago. Webinars and audiobooks alone are a priceless asset. While not everyone may have the time to commune to a seminar’s location, most people definitely can squeeze an hour or two into their busy schedule to attend a webinar from the comfort of their home. 

    And as you already mentioned “What you’ve once learned, no one can take away from you.” Great attitude and wise words. Teamwork truly is the key to success, thus, it’s great that you spread awareness. Hopefully, this way more people will take action to achieve their dreams. 

    Many blessings,


    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Thank you Keryn, and you are so correct; the modern society almost allows no excuse to be unable to collaborate with others. Personal development and team work are so important.More and more people should embrace this.

  8. Aly Reply

    These are great tips for employee and personal development. For optimal performance, employees need to be happy with their position in all aspects, including having mutual respect for their teammates. Training exercises will help everyone to collaborate better and also to be more productive when working independently. HR should monitor the level of engagement to ensure there are no issues that could prevent a high level of productivity.

    • Abayomi Disu Post authorReply

      Aly, this is so true, I like it when you say training helps employees work independently, I believe it’s important employees are empowered to be the best they can be, and happy too with what they do  just as you said.

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